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Scissor & Boom Lift Training
We combine both courses and get it done within 4 hours.
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With the most current update to the CSA and ANSI standards, boom and scissor lifts are now referred to as Mobile Elevated Work Platforms.

Different types of lifts are categorized into groups and types.

The lifts we will conduct training on are:

Group A, Type 3.

  • Commonly referred to as Scissor lifts.
  • Description – The platform is always over the chassis and can be driven from the platform.

Group B, Type 3.

  • Commonly referred to as Boom lifts.
  • Description – The platform is not always under the chassis and can be driven from the platform.

If you need training on only 1 type of machine, you do not have to pay for both courses. You will only be evaluated on the machine you will be certified on. You should still allow 4 hours for training.

Forte Training and Services Training The Facts

The Facts:

  1. The paperwork is for both types of machines however, the manuals will be different.
  2. You are mostly inspecting the same things (Tires, wheels, hoses, cylinders, structure, welds, bolts, pins, interlock switches, etc.)
  3. The important differences are around stability factors and controls.
  4. If you use the machine/s everyday you will not need less evaluation time than someone who is new to them.
  5. Longer courses don’t always translate into better learning outcomes; they quite often have the opposite effect.


  1. Keep things short and keep you engaged.
  2. Give you all the information you need and then some.
  3. Bring things home in a real way.
  4. Spend as much time as you need on the machines to get you competent.
  5. Get you back to work, home, or wherever it is you need to be sooner.
  6. Evaluate inexperienced trainees last. If you are new to this, you don’t need the added stress of everyone else staring at you.
Forte Training and Services Training At Forte We
Forte Training And Services Training At Forte We Dont

At Forte Training We Don’t:

  1. Make you do something you’re not comfortable doing. Fear stops you from making clear, rational decisions and this is dangerous. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.
  2. Make you drive endless circles needlessly. We are smart and experienced enough to spot a competent operator.
  3. Make you hang around when someone is learning how to drive a machine for the first time.
  4. Bore you to tears by repeating information over and over, and over again.
  5. Charge you for the privilege of making you hang out with us for longer, as we bore you.
Completed in 4 Hours

Whether you are new to fall protection, have been roofing for decades, are a safety professional or an engineer, everyone leaves our courses equipped with knowledge to better identify and control fall hazards in their workplace.

You will get the opportunity to get hands on experience with the equipment, and will be required to complete a written exam.

You are guaranteed to leave with valuable information that is delivered in a fast paced and engaging format.

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Our courses are modular- We offer savings when bundling our courses and we also offer group discounts. Click book now for details.
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You work in a fast paced environment with hazards that change dynamically. Being able to identify these hazards and knowing what to do about them is critical to your safety and that of everyone else around. You will leave us knowing how, and when to STOP.



In high stress or hazardous situations, stop. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Reacting without thinking can often make a bad situation worse.



Don't panic, force yourself to think. Assess the factors that are contributing to the stressful situation. You need as many answers as you can get to 5W1H.



Identify hazards and resources that can aid you in dealing with the critical/stressful situation. A good way to do that is to use SLLS.



Use the information you have gathered to formulate a plan. Communicate your plan clearly, define roles and hazards. Execute your plan.


If you have done training with us in the past and are not feeling confident due to not being on a machine since then, you can book in for a drive session with an instructor for FREE!